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American girl group Pussycat Dolls is having a reunion after splitting for almost ten years.

Lead singer of the group Nicole Scherzinger will reportedly take part in a comeback tour with former members Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta, Kimberly Wyatt, Melody Thornton, and Kaya Jones.

“Talk of the girls getting back together has been rife for a few years now and they have finally found a time which works for them all,” said an insider as quoted by The Sun.

“The girls feel the time is right to let bygones be bygones and put any differences they had behind them and celebrate the great songs they made.”

The “Don’t Cha” hitmakers also plan to head back into the recording studio so they have new material to share with fans.

According to the source, when the members parted ways in 2009, it was only intended to be a hiatus, because at that time, it feels like the right thing to do.

Started off in 1995 as a burlesque troupe, Pussycat Dolls become a proper music group in 2003. The group released plenty of famous hits including “Don’t Cha”, “Buttons”, “Beep”, and “Stickwitu” via their first album “PCD”, which gave them worldwide recognition.

Pussycat Dolls is also known for several hits from their second album “Doll Domination”, some of them are “When I Grow Up”, “I Hate this Part”, and “Jai Ho”.

However, internal conflicts soon surfaced when lead vocalist Scherzinger becomes the center of attention while the other members received subordinate treatment.

Former member Carmit Bachar who left the group in 2008 before the release of the group’s second album, will not be joining the reunion.

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Bachar previously claimed that Scherzinger was the main reason why the group broke up, citing that it is due to her ego and insecurity.

“I think Nicole got it into her head that she was the real star and would be better off on her own. She started travelling in her own tour bus and the divide between her and the rest us just got bigger. Nicole chose to isolate and alienate herself,” Bachar told The Sun in 2012.


Bachar also said, “A Pussycat Dolls reunion isn’t out of the question. Five of us – and not Nicole – could happen. But all six? Never. Too much water under the bridge.”

There is no exact date as to when or where the reunion will take place, but let’s just hope that the girls have buried the hatchet for real.