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Woohoo! Malaysian pop band Paperplane Pursuit is back with a brand new single titled “Woohoo”, which is a part of their collaboration with automobile company, MINI!

Their new single is off their debut album “Second Date”, which previously released other earworm hits like “Everybody Wants Somebody”, “Who’s Gonna Stop Me”, “Internet Celebrity”, and let’s not forget “Feel Good”, the song which landed them on the Billboard Charts!

Their collaboration with MINI is a part of the brand’s A MINI Film Series, which features and celebrates people in creative industries.

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Lead singer, John-O said in a statement, “It’s easy to find a willing collaborator, but it’s harder to find someone that understands the artistic value and expression you’re going for, and shares that common voice.”

“We very much stand for the idea that locally produced art can be something great… We’re very driven by the desire to be a living example that Malaysians can do this and more,” Drummer Dru Yap added.

“Woohoo” is an upbeat song that gives off a “Feel Good” vibes (geddit?), and is about going on a spontaneous road trip where you just want to let loose, let go and have fun!

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“It’s the song in our album that best personifies the sound people have come to expect from us. Ultimately, when people listen to our music we want them to leave feeling good and encouraged,” the band’s bassist, The Chief said.

In the colourful music video, the band members are shown having fun while they’re on a road trip, in car boots and by a pool, truly embodying the message and vibe of “Woohoo”!

“The video itself is probably one of the most entertaining and fun videos we’ve done so far. We had a lot of fun shooting it, and we think people will have a lot of fun watching it too,” said guitarist Isaac Ravi.

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The video also feature references of the band’s previous single “Letter to My Younger Self”, see if you can spot it!