Rumour has it that Hannah Quinlivan’s mother has objected to her daughter taking over the responsibility of taking care of her husband Jay Chou’s assets from his mother, Yeh Hui-mei.

As reported on Net Ease, sources previously shared that the 63-year-old former teacher has announced her intention to transfer the task of taking care of Jay’s multiple investments and businesses to the 24-year-old due to her old age.

It was also said that Ms. Yeh wanted Hannah to do it so that the money would go back to the family for her grandchildren’s use.

However, Hannah’s mother stated that she would rather not let Hannah do it, saying that she doesn’t think the actress is mature enough to understand the complexity of Jay’s assets, which is said to be more than NTD 200 million in annual turnover.

Although Ms. Yeh was initially surprised by her protest, she reportedly said that she will respect her in-law’s decisions, and commended Hannah’s mother for her judgment.

But when asked about the situation recently, Jay’s company, JVR Music denied it, saying the reports are “nonsense”.

(Photo Source: Jay Chou Weibo)