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Taiwanese TV personality Matilda Tao recently made a mistake of showing Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan’s son Romeo’s face to the public.

As reported on Epoch Times, while Jay and his wife have decided not to show off their children’s faces in order to give them some privacy from the paparazzi, it was accidentally exposed by Matilda while she was trying to post a photo of a gift box sent by the couple.

The photo, which was taken by the singer, shows a black gift box with the J and H logo, and the words “Our Prince Has Arrived”. It contained glutinous rice, which was sent by Jay to all of his colleagues to celebrate Romeo’s 100th day.

She wrote, “This is the most classic form of glutinous rice for Romeo’s 100th day celebration. He really is handsome, and I wish the Chou family all the best!”

However, netizens who saw the picture of the box quickly noticed the upper right corner of the photo, where there was a clear image of Romeo attached to a card in the shape of a crown.

The singer deleted the post 40 minutes later, possibly after realising her error. However, by then, the photo has already been copied and shared around by fans of the couple.

(Photo source: epochtimes.com)