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Actor Muhd Luqman Hafidz who is most known via his debut film role in “OlaBola”, will be reprising his role as Ali in the upcoming “OlaBola the Musical” produced by Enfiniti.

Spearheaded by Malaysian actress Tiara Jacquelina, president of Enfiniti Group and director of “OlaBola the Musical”, the actor revealed that he went through four stages of casting process to obtain the role once again for the musical.

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“I would like to thank the Enfiniti Group for letting me play the role of Ali once again. When I got called for the casting, I was really excited, and I am really glad to be chosen for the role again,” said the actor at the press conference of “OlaBola the Musical” yesterday.
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“This is something new for me and I’m a bit nervous, because not only do I need to act, I also need to dance and sing as well. But I’ll definitely give the best that I can for this musical,” he continued.
During the press conference held at the Malaysian Tourism Centre, other leading faces of the cast have also been unveiled, and this includes film actor Iedil Putra who will be playing the role of sports commentator Rahman, previously played by Bront Palarae in the movie.
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“The main reason why I decided to do this musical is because I felt like it’s a call of duty. It is such an inspiring story to tell, and having it in a form of musical theatre is a different kind of experience,” said Iedil.
Apart from Luqman, Lim Jian Wen will also be reprising his role as Ong Tiam Cai from the movie, while established theatre actors like Brian Chan, Abimanyu Masilamani, and Kai Chalmers will be playing the role of Tauke, Muthu, and Eric, respectively.
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Rapper extraordinaire Altimet will also make his first appearance in the stage musical as Drill Sergeant Ahmad, and at the same time, contribute some rap lyrics to the songs in the musical.
Featuring over 40 Malaysian talents from various entertainment backgrounds, “OlaBola the Musical” will present more than 20 songs, and is set to run from 8 February to 11 March 2018 at Istana Budaya.

Original article from Cinema Online