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It is always a lose-lose situation for action superstar Jackie Chan whenever the topic of estranged daughter Etta Ng arises.

As reported on Apple Daily, the actor drew flak from LGBT supporters recently, after his less-than-interested response towards questions about the 17-year-old’s sexuality.

When asked to comment on Etta’s announcement that she’s gay, Jackie merely answered, “As long as she is happy”, much to the chagrin of some members of the public, who accused him of being a bad father.

At the same time, Etta’s older girlfriend Andi Autumn recently lashed out over the breach of privacy following her announcement that she is now dating Etta.

She stressed that she is not someone famous and that Etta is only famous “because her parents are”, and demanded that the paparazzi stop hounding them.

(Photo Source: Jackie Chan Instagram)