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It has been three years since Gao Yuanyuan last starred in a movie, and now she’s back with the Juno Mak sophomore directorial effort, “Sons of the Neon Night”.

According to Epoch Times, the actress, who appeared at the press conference of the new movie alongside co-stars Tony Leung Kar Fai, admitted that it was her choice to reduce her film projects so that she could focus on taking care of the household.

Gao shared that one of the reasons for it is so that she could look after her parents.

“I realised after marriage that if the two of us [her and husband Mark Chao] are too busy with work, neither of us would be home to take care of the elders,” she said.

Gao said that she now dedicates most of her time to the family, and would only star in movies that she thinks suitable for her.

Another reason Gao gave for her decision was due to the tough nature of the film industry, which is getting more difficult throughout the years.

“You have to work harder and give more effort to your work and to the fans. I still have doubts about myself,” she added.

When mentioned that her actor husband previously admitted to be in gratitude towards her for her sacrifice, Gao laughed and responded, “He better be.”