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Although he has been making more Hollywood movies for the past couple of years, Donnie Yen stated that breaking into Hollywood was not his main goal as an actor.

As reported on Tencent, the actor, who sat down for an interview recently stated that he will go where a good project takes him, rather than focus on one region over the other.

“My family is in Hong Kong, my heart is in our Chinese market, and promoting Chinese films. It has always been this way, and it will continue to be that way,” he said.

Donnie continued, “If there is a good script, a good character, a challenging role, a good message to the society, and is something that I good at (action), I will consider the offer.”

The actor who is currently promoting new movie, “Chasing the Dragon”, is set to start filming Wong Jing’s comedy movie, “Enter the Fat Dragon”.

(Photo Source: Donnie Yen Facebook)