Korean singer and Super Junior member Choi Si-won has recently released his apology online following the death of a neighbour who was bitten by his family’s pet dog.

As reported on Hello Kpop, on 21 October, the singer took to Instagram to express his condolences, saying that he feels greatly responsible as a member of the family who raised the dog.

Saying that he should be more careful, Choi added that he will take measures to ensure that such an incident would never happen again.

The victim, which was reported to be a 53 year-old businesswoman, was attacked by Choi family’s French bulldog and passed away six days after the attack due to blood poisoning.

Although a family member of the deceased reportedly told media that they have forgiven the Chois, netizens continue to point blame towards them for keeping their dog unleashed.

Many are also demanding for Choi to withdraw from his new drama, “Revolutionary Love”.

(Photo Source: Choi Si Won Instagram)