Halloween is coming in two days, but most of the people already had their early celebrations, especially some of our favourite celebrities!

Thanks to some Halloween themed events in Hollywood, several celebrities had already showed off their Halloween costumes for this year, but there are also some that are still getting ready for the main event itself, happening this Tuesday.

So with that being said, we have compiled ten best Halloween costumes worn by celebrities so far!

1. Demi Lovato as Selena Quintanilla 

(Photo sources: eonline.com)

2. Rita Ora as Poison Ivy from “Batman”

(Photo sources: Rita Ora’s Instagram)

3. Will Poulter as Sid from “Toy Story”

(Photo sources: Will Poulter’s Instagram)

4. Kim Kardashian West and Jonathan Cheban as Sonny and Cher 

(Photo sources: Kim Kardashian’s Twitter)

5. Paris Hilton as Princess Jasmine from “Aladdin”

(Photo sources: thesun.co.uk)

6. Dua Lipa as Harry Potter 

(Photo sources: Dua Lipa’s Instagram, femme fatale’s Twitter)

7. Bruce Willis and his assistant as the twins from “The Shining” 

(Photo sources: metro.co.uk, Samuel L Jackson’s Twitter)

8. Jason Derulo as Night King from “Game of Thrones”

(Photo sources: eonline.com, popsugar.com)

9. Adele as a Glamorous Jester

(Photo sources: Adele’s Instagram)

10. Karlie Kloss as Marilyn Monroe

(Photo sources: Karlie Kloss’ Twitter)

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