Following Etta Ng’s confirmation that she is indeed gay, Hong Kong-based Instagram model Andi Autumn recently posted a photo of her with the 18-year-old to express gratitude for all the support given by fans.

Andi, who was previously photographed holding hands with Etta, posted a new photo of them together online and wrote, “Thank you to all of those who have shown love and support towards [Etta] and I. We appreciate everyone’s kind words and it’s honestly giving us more energy to fight for what’s right.”

“We will continue to share our journey and hope we can help others along the way. Let’s make this world a peaceful and understanding one,” she added.

In a previous post, Andi stated that they’ve had difficulties while “heading in the right decision”, and stated that they’ve encountered discrimination from family, friends, and the Hong Kong society.

“We are living in such an international city, and yet so many people have their minds closed off,” she added.

The backlash came earlier, although many expressed their protest not because of her sexuality, but for the gape in their age, as Andi is 29 while Etta is still in her teens.

(Photo Source: Andi Autumn Instagram)