Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok recently revealed that he and his wife Moka Fang have given their first daughter the English name Chant.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared at a LONGINES event recently, was presented with a specially made watch box with the engravings “AMC”.

When asked whether the letter C represents his child’s name, Aaron admitted it, saying that they have named their daughter Chant, meaning hope and praise. However, the couple has yet to decide on the child’s Chinese name.

As for Chant’s 100 Day celebration, Aaron said that they have no big event in plan, except that they will be spending it with a small family gathering.

The same goes with his birthday, which falls on 26 October. Aaron shared that he will be spending his birthday at home with the family instead of holding a big event.

“My daughter is the best birthday gift. Last year’s birthday wish [to have my own family] is already fulfilled. This year, I wish to continue to create a meaningful life,” he added.

(Photo source: instagram.com/aaronkwokxx)