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Remember when we were young, we grew up watching famous kids’ shows like “Barney”, “Sesame Street”, “Dora the Explorer”, and more?

 And from these shows, we learned iconic songs like “ABC”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “BINGO”, “The Wheels on the Bus”, and others.

Of course, as we grew up, we pass on these evergreen children songs to our kids and the next generation, but apparently, the times have changed, and many of these songs have evolved – some in a good way, some in a weird way.

But can we blame them? People are striving to become more creative, and if your videos don’t stand out, nobody will bat an eye, even children!

In this time and age, almost every modern child will have their very own phone, tablet, phablet, or ipad, and they’re usually for “educational purposes”.

Since kids nowadays are getting smarter by the day, typical “ABC” song doesn’t work on them anymore (they want something more hard core!) which is why companies have started to get really creative by modernising classic songs, or create completely brand new ones.

Let’s just say, most of them are still pretty adorable but some can be pretty weird – at least to the adults they are, ‘cos the kids don’t get it!

To make you understand exactly what we meant, check out these modern children songs that are really adorable, but very very odd.

Baby Shark – Pinkfong 

If you have a younger kid in the house, chances are you’ve heard of this song before. Released by Korean channel Pinkfong, the song started become viral a year ago in South Korea. The song soon had an English version of it, and that too has gone viral all over the world. So, let’s just say that this song is the “Gangnam Style” of the kids’ world. The song has simple repetitive lyrics and it is super catchy. Of course, it gets easily annoying too! Don’t be surprised, but the song has over 800 million views, and it is the channel’s most popular song to date, thus spawning various versions including one for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, EDM, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, and more – you name it! It also has a monkey version of the song, be sure to check it out~

Five Little Buses Jumping on the Road – Pinkfong 

Coming from the same company of “Baby Shark”, this is one of Pinkfong’s many weird songs that will get the parents scratching their heads. From the title, it is easy to understand that the song takes inspiration from the classic children tune, “Five Little Monkeys”. But why buses? We’re not so sure ourselves, but maybe the company is trying to encourage children to use public transport? Anyhow, the song is really cute. There is mommy bus, a bus with pompous blonde hair, and the children buses which get hurt while jumping on the road. (LOL!) Oh, they also have a normal “Five Little Monkeys” song which has really cute dance moves – do check it out!

Shark Bus – Pinkfong 

That’s right, by mashing the classic “The Wheels on the Bus” song and the popular “Baby Shark”, you get the “Shark Bus” song! (Hmm, very creative, indeed – or is it?) The song is like the normal classic tune but it’s all taking place underwater with different lyrics too, and Baby Shark makes a cameo in the song! However, the channel also has the normal “The Wheels on the Bus” song, and each of the bus from “Five Little Buses Jumping on the Road” has its very own version. There’s the Green Town Bus, the Yellow City Bus, the Pink School Bus, the Orange Night Bus, and more other weird versions too!

Un to Derounchi (うんとでろうんち) – TOKIOHEIDI 

This Japanese channel has tons of cute children songs, which is not weird since the Japanese are kind of known for that, but that’s not all, the Japs are also known for being weirder than normal people but in a really funny way. (So, no offense!) Anyway, this cute song is basically teaching children how to poop (Yep, you read that right.) Well, it is very normal for parents to teach their children how to graduate from their diapers, it’s just that we don’t usually turn them into a song, but for Japanese parents, toilet training is extremely important, that is why, to them, the song really helps. And it’s cute too, but it still feels weird watching all the colourful poops dancing around. (XD)

Song of Bolo – TOKIOHEIDI 

Another cute but weird song from TOKIOHEIDI, about a bolo bun who wishes to be eaten – kind of reminds you of “Sausage Party” right, except those guys don’t want to be eaten! (Haha…) The song is to encourage children to eat their food because kids these days can be a bit picky. Remember when we were young, some of us were told by our parents that if we don’t eat our food, our food will cry. Well, this song is kind of like that. So it’s actually a really great and cute song, but you will feel sort of guilty seeing the bolo bun gets eaten ‘cos it’s so cute! You should also check the Japanese version of this song which is even cuter!

Johny Johny Yes Papa – ChuChu TV 

Coming from India’s third most subscribed YouTube channel, the song is a simple tune about young Johny who secretly eats sugar in the middle of the night, but is later caught by his father and siblings. The song has an addictive tune and simple but funny lyrics. So the part that makes the video weird is that Johny who seems like a 3 or 4 years old toddler, wakes up at night to open up a jar of sugar and eats them directly. Okay, we understand that children love eating sweet stuff, but sugar?! That’s way too literal, why can’t he eat sweets, or candies, or chocolates. So yeah, but other than that, the video is hilarious.

 Brush Your Teeth – KidsTV123 

There are plenty of songs that teach kids how to brush your teeth, but this one caught our attention’s the most, and it is mainly due to the singer A.J. Jenkins. So basically, there’s really nothing wrong about the song in terms of lyrics and pictures, but instead of making you want to brush your teeth, it makes you feel sleepy instead, and that’s because of the singer’s voice which will put you to bed immediately as the tone is so dull and boring – well at least to the parents it is, because the kids really dig it – and this is what makes the video funny in the first place. Check out some of the other videos from this channel which is usually sang by the same guy, but some songs sounds slightly more upbeat than this one, so it might be less dull. (Probably)

We are the Planets – StoryBots 

The channel is very modern and futuristic, spawning two original animated series, the Emmy Award-winning “Ask the StoryBots” and its companion show “StoryBots Super Songs”, both on Netflix. Rather than weird, we’d think the word “unique” suits it more. The song “We are the Planets” teaches children about the planets and solar system – in rap tune. The beat sounds like Gorillaz’s kind of songs, and it suits the video very much. So the video is unique due to their style which is very different from the usual uppity children songs. But you should also check out their robotic rendition of classic children songs which are refreshingly great!