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Always the romantic, rock star Wang Feng recently thanked wife Zhang Ziyi for all that she has done during his latest concert.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer who performed at his concert in Beijing on 9 September, spoke to the audience for a bit during the climax of the show and confessed his love for the actress.

The singer shared that Zhang not only showed him the meaning of infinite love, but also became a great mother for his children.

“Today, on this occasion, what I really wanted to say is thank you, Ziyi. I love you,” he said, as the audiences cheered in delight.

However, this isn’t the first time Wang expressed his love for Zhang. Back in 2013, while they were still dating, Wang performed the song “I Love You So Much” to Zhang at his Shanghai concert while she happily waved her light stick in the crowd.

He again expressed his love for Zhang at his concert in 2015.

(Photo Source: EpochTimes.com)