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There are dinosaurs roaming around in Kuala Lumpur – run! (LOL, kidding.)

But do check out the Dinosaur Alive pop-up Jurassic theme park at the Lanai in Malaysia Tourism Centre (Matic) in Jalan Ampang, which features more than 40 life-sized, moving animatronic dinosaurs, and they’re all made to look as life-like as possible down to their reptilian skins.

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The dinosaur exhibition is now opened for children and adults alike to explore and learn about the prehistoric creatures while participating in various exciting interactive activities including dinosaur bone assembling and dinosaur art and craft.

Children can also participate in the dinosaur egg and fossil dig zone and unearth their own fossils. Who knows? Maybe they would want to be palaeontologists in the future!

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The Dinosaurs Alive exhibition is open from 10am to 10 pm daily until 14 January 2018, so don’t miss your chance to get up close and personal with dinosaurs, especially the infamous T-Rex!

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Visitors can also recharge themselves from their travel through time by taking a break at the themed food and beverage zones. There are also special dinosaur toys and merchandises for visitors who want to bring a piece of dinosaur history home.

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Tickets are priced at RM50 per adult and RM30 for children aged three to 12.