You have seen gold, learned
about gold (remember the periodic table?), and perhaps even dreamed of owning

But have you ever TASTED gold?

spirited away
Now is your chance to indulge
your taste bud with a little luxury – a little 24k gold/silver-layered ice
cream luxury that is.
The Small Potatoes Ice Creamery in Singapore
recently released their Sea Salt Caramel with Gold Leaf and Purple Potato with
Silver Leaf ice creams, priced at SGD12 and SGD10, respectively.

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Don’t get discouraged with the price just yet
because both gold and silver leaves are Japan-imported, made from actual
food-grade 24k gold (basically meaning that it is an edible bling).
The Japanese believe that consuming gold can aid in
maintaining youthfulness and prolonging life span – but if you are not into
that, just do it for the ‘gram.
If that’s not enough, only Hokkaido milk is used to
produce the soft serve.

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Based on the Kinkaku Soft Serve Ice Cream’s
creation, those in the land of the rising sun can find these special desserts
in Kinkakuji (the Golden Pavilion) just outside of Central Kyoto, Japan. 

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Those who aren’t in Japan, just head on to Small
Potatoes Ice Creamery branches located at Somerset 313 and Novena Square 2 to
get a taste of the rich life.
Be mindful that these edible luxuries will only be
in stores until they sell out, so best make your purchase quick.

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(Photo source: Small Potatoes Ice Creamery FB)