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Kelly Ng was one of the early favourites to win the title of Miss Hong Kong, but she ended up being left in the cold with not even a title to her name.

This situation was expressed by the pageant contestant recently on social media, when she admitted to have been surprised by the recent result, in which Juliette Louie was crowned Miss Hong Kong 2017.

“The result surprised me, but at the same time, I also understand all my weaknesses,” she said.

Kelly, who was dubbed the “young Carman Lee” for her resemblance to the 90s star, admitted that she felt sorry that she had to let her parents see her fail, although she is not disappointed in herself, knowing full well that she has given her best.

“With all the support that I have received, I may have lost the competition, but I have earned more than I lost. So from the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate everybody who supports me,” she added.

She also added that when if one cannot change the environment, one still can change one’s mentality.

“Every success or failure is a lesson to improve your opportunity. When you encounter a setback, don’t waste your time standing still. You have to move forward,” wrote Kelly.

Her post was liked and shared by many fans, who praised Kelly for not forgetting her Chinese roots despite spending most of her life in Canada. Their comments seemed to be taking a jab at winner, Juliette Louie at the same time, who is known for her lack of proficiency in the language.

(Photo Source: Kelly Ng Facebook)