If you can’t seem to have enough of the adorable Jasper Chan on “Where Are We Going, Dad?”, the bad news is, the show may be the only television programme the four-year-old son will do.

As reported on ET Today, actor Jordan Chan, father of the adorable little Jasper, shared that it is unlikely that Jasper will do other shows after the Hunan TV reality programme, as he is against his son joining showbiz at such a tender age.

“I hope this show will be the only show for him. I will occasionally share photos of him on social media, but he will have to go back to his normal life and school,” he said.

Nonetheless, Jordan said if Jasper wants to join the entertainment industry in the future, he will not stop him from fulfilling his dream.

In the same interview, Jordan also admitted that he used to watch the show before he got involved, and loved Huang Lei’s relationship with his daughter, Duo Duo.

He also expressed hope that he and wife Cherrie Ying will one day have a daughter that will be as sensible as Duo Duo and as cute as Will Liu’s baby, Little Puff.