She is scheduled to give birth on 2 October, but even in her final trimester, Taiwanese TV personality Janet Hsieh is still actively involved in various social events.

As reported on ET Today, the latest of her social events was a fashion show for mothers-to-be, which was held on 14 September. The television host, who came to the event with husband George Young, danced happily on stage in her red dress and heels, looking as lively as ever.

Speaking to the media about the pregnancy, Janet said that everything has been smooth so far, and that despite the gradual contractions, she has no problem working as usual.

She also encouraged other mothers to do the same, saying that they can still work during the last months of their pregnancy.

As for the baby’s gender, Janet said that she and her husband are still unaware of it, and added jokingly that her husband plans to announce the news live from the delivery room.

She also added that they have already made arrangements to have the baby delivered in a local clinic in Neihu.

Aside from the fashion show, Janet also went dancing with a group of pregnant mummies at the Taipei Station on 15 September.

(Photo Source: ettoday.net)