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Jackie Chan is releasing a new song after more than a decade, and he is dedicating it to his wife of more than 30 years.

As reported on China Times, the singer, who recently went to Taiwan to shoot the music video for the song, “Ai Qing Lao Le”, shared that he is thankful to Joan for her dedication to the family, even though he was rarely home.

“She was able [to put up with me] for such a long time. When I was young, it made no difference to me. But now that I am older, I realised how precious home is,” he said.

Jackie, who married Joan in 1982, admitted that he was never a romantic man – never saying “I love you”, and rarely holding her hands. Nonetheless, despite his mistakes and the ups and down in their relationship, their marriage pulls through because of Joan.

“She is sweet and attentive, and would arrange everything for me. Even when she cooks, she would make sure it’s to my taste. She pays attention to even the smallest details. I am moved,” he said.

Jackie also shared that, unlike him, Joan is a homebody who likes to stay put.

“She is only excited whenever our son [Jaycee Chan] is home. She said that our son’s position at home is higher than even mine,” he joked.

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