It seems like having the real little creepy crawlies all over your house are not enough, so large replicas of cockroaches and lizards in the form of pillows are created just in case you want to snuggle with them at night…*face palm*

The two pillows are not only huge, they look super realistic, from the colour, to the shape and design, and we seriously can’t understand how anyone would actually want these creepy-looking pillows – what is wrong with people?

But, hey! To each their own. Some people even own life-sized anime character pillows or idol pillows, where you can even take off the character’s clothes!

(Photo sources:

(Photo sources:

Anyway, back to the cockroach and lizard pillows. Apparently, a Vietnamese seller is selling them online for VND290,000 (small) and VND350,000 (big), but he does not ship these items overseas so if you really want them, you might need to plan trip to Vietnam soon.

But seriously, looking at these pillows only remind us of… ummm… these!

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