“If you love what you do, you’ll not get tired of it.”

That was the answer given by Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau, when asked if he ever gets tired of working as an actor after more than 30 years.

The actor, who has been promoting “The Adventurers” and is soon to begin his publicity tour for “Chasing the Dragon”, shared that he has always been fond of his work and would never get tired of it.

“I want to make a breakthrough in my acting all the time,” he added.v Andy continued that work has always been part of his life, and that he loves it as much as he loves his family, his parents, and his life.

The actor, known as one of Hong Kong’s most commercially successful actors of all time, started his career in 1981 by signing up for the artist training programme offered by TVB, and went on to work on more than 150 filming projects, and released more than 100 albums.

He also made a record 50 movies in five years, and at his peak, made 12 movies in just one year.

However, when asked what his next filming project would be, Andy laughed and said that there is no arrangement for new movies for the time being.

(Photo Source: stheadline.com)