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Although she is now happily married to rock singer Wang Feng, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi admitted that she went into their relationship back in 2014 knowing full well that it will not get a positive reaction from fans.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who spoke about her romance with Wang in his documentary, “Existence” recently, shared that she knew that Wang’s history of two failed marriage and past controversial romance will ensure that their relationship will not only receive no blessings from other people, but will also spark criticism from many.

“The two of us knew since the beginning that there will be a lot of criticisms, public opinion and opposition from many sides. But we decided to go through it together as a couple,” she said.

Some of the criticisms came from Wang’s former girlfriend, model Ge Huijie, who slammed Wang for entering another relationship and Zhang for supposedly using Ge’s daughter Apple to show off how happy they are as a family.

Zhang added that she and Wang agreed that they will not entertain other people’s opinion about them, that it’s enough that they understand each other.

“Because in the end, [we are going to live a life with each other], not with everyone else,” she added.

(Photo Source: EpochTimes)