Taiwanese singer-songwriter Wilber Pan has recently addressed allegations of plagiarism concerning his song “Insomnia” from the new album, “illi”.

As reported on Sohu, the singer, whose aforementioned song sounded similar to Highlight’s Yong Jun-hyung, first posted a message on his official Weibo page on 14 August, saying that he was shocked upon reading all the reports about the supposed plagiarism.

Later in the afternoon, Wilber’s record label, Warner Music Beijing, released a statement of apology on behalf of Wilber and his co-composer Fang Zhengang, adding that they are working quickly to take the song down.

The company also stated that Fang has decided to take legal responsibility for the mistake.

On the other hand, a source from Highlight’s agency shared that they have accepted the apology and is thankful to Wilber and Fang for admitting to the error of their ways.

The rep also stated that there are two solutions to the problem, that is either they took the song down, or Wilber’s record label pay the copyright fee.

(Photo Source: asianpopnews.com)