Are you a fan of the American reality TV series, “The Bachelorette”?

OK. But did you know that out of thirteen seasons of the long-running series, there have been only three Asian contestants EVER? And none of them had made it past the first round!

Due to the lack of diversity in the show, Asian American filmmaking group Wong Fu Productions decided to address the issue head on with an eight-minute spoof of what would it be like if the bachelors are all Asian!

Called the “Asian Bachelorette”, this version of the ‘reality show’ features every kind of stereotypical Asian dudes you’ve ever met – there’s a Filipino nurse, a dreamy Korean soap star, a Chinese entrepreneur, and an Indian dentist who is there “to represent brown town”.

Oh, and there is also one token white guy who thinks that he’s on the wrong show.

“[It’s] a season unlike anything you’ve ever seen,” says the host. “Literally. We’ve never even seen like two Asians at a time!”

The video highlights all kinds of hilarious quirks that only Asians can relate to, like taking off your shoes before entering a house, making corny puns, downing alcohol in one shot, and more!

Featuring hilarious Asian YouTubers as well as “Maze Runner” star Ki Hong Lee, this “Asian Bachelorette” is the version that we all never knew we wanted until now.

Watch the whole parody video and see how the hilarity unfolds!

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