The post-rehab appearance of Andy Lau was not the only thing that attracted the media’s attention at the press conference of Stephen Fung’s “The Adventurers”, as cameras continued to snap photos of lovebirds – Stephen Fung and his real-life leading lady, Shu Qi.

To recap, the filmmaker, who had been friends with Taiwanese actress Shu Qi for nearly 20 years and dated her for four, surprised many by announcing their marriage back in September last year while they were filming the movie in the Czech Republic.

Although it has been nearly a year since the announcement, Stephen and Shu never actually appeared together on the same stage until now.

While they were careful not to sit side by side in order to avoid having their marriage becoming the main subject, the interaction between the two became one of the biggest highlights of the day.

Shu’s co-star Yo Yang also shared an anecdote about the lovebirds, saying that he remembered a part in the script where he was supposed to kiss Shu Qi’s character. However, just as the scene was going to be shot, Yo said that he was notified that the kiss had been changed to a “slap in the face”.

“Shu Qi slapped me so hard that even the cameraman was shocked. It was so loud that even the staff two floors down can hear it,” he joked.

In the end, the couple decided to pose together for the camera, although there was no mention whether they will continue to appear together in subsequent promotional events.

(Photo Source: hk01.com)