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Just like Nick Cheung, who had to suffer a hellish training for the sake of his movie, “Unbeatable”, Shawn Yue shared that there is nothing fun at all about bulking up to film his new movie, “Wu Kong”.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who spent 11 months dieting and working out to get the perfect body for his role as Erlang Shen, admitted jokingly that he “wanted to die” every day from the rigorous training.

Not only did he have to work out six hours every day, he also had to quit carbohydrates, oily food, and salt and sugar. Shawn said that there was a time that he felt like quitting.

But the challenge didn’t stop at getting a toned body. Shawn also had to work on the film in Beijing under sub-zero degrees with his new fat-free body.

“I had to put more layers. It was still cold even with a fire pit. But they had no pity at all. They even had hotpot casserole in the studio while I could only eat steamed vegetables on my own,” he said.

The actor stated that he didn’t think twice about binging when filming concluded – eating four bowls of instant noodles, his birthday cake, and several cans of soft drinks to celebrate the wrap up.

“I was so happy at the time, I even cried. I realised that through all those times, I only craved for one simple thing,” he said.

(Photo Source: orientaldaily.on.cc)