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Brazilian football player Neymar couldn’t help himself but to get excited when he was given the opportunity to be on a FaceTime call with his favourite actor, Jackie Chan.

As reported on The Sun, the footballer, who appeared in Shanghai recently for a brand promotion, met up with Jackie’s son, Jaycee Chan – who may have helped him get in contact with the action superstar himself.

Admitting that it is rare for him to be excited about meeting a celebrity, Neymar stated on Instagram that he is a big fan of Jackie.

He also posted a photo with Jaycee, and wrote, “It was a great pleasure meeting you, [Jaycee Chan]. Don’t forget to hug your father for me!”

Jaycee responded to the footballer with his own Instagram post, saying, “I’ll send him a big warm hug for you. Nice meeting you, [Neymar]!”

(Photo Source: Jaycee Chan Instagram)