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Hong Kong actor Louis Koo couldn’t help but be flattered after being called a potential new martial arts star by action choreographer and martial arts actor, Sammo Hung.

According to Mingpao, the actor, who appeared at the premiere of his new movie “Paradox” recently, was all smiles when mentioned that Sammo, who choreographed all of his fight scenes, has dubbed him the new “Kung Fu star of 2018”, saying, “That’s good since I have to fight in the next few movies.”

However, Louis stated that being an action star is not something that can happen overnight.

“I have to keep learning and accumulate a lot of experience. There are risks to doing fight scenes, but I won’t be afraid to do them. As long as I am careful, it’s fine,” he said.

Louis also admitted that he has become more and more flexible since doing his own fight scenes.

“My goal is to put my legs over my head,” he added, jokingly.