While her sexuality has always been a subject of speculations, singer-songwriter Leah Dou sparked another discussion about her love life when she shared a photo of man on her social media account.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who rarely shares personal photos on her Instagram account, recently posted a photo of an unknown man on Chinese Valentine’s Day, and captioned it with a heart emoji.

While many of her followers were confused as to the identity of the man in question, some noticed that he was wearing a similar ring worn by Leah in one of her photos with mother Faye Wong – sparking speculations that Leah may not be interested in women as she was made out to be by the media.

One shocked IG user even commented, “Please don’t tell me you’re straight.”

While Leah never actually spoke about her sexuality, she had been romantically linked to mainland fashion designer Rebecca Tsang last year, after they were photographed holding hands by the paparazzi.

(Photo source: instagram.com/grey_waters)