20160411 jolin

Jolin Tsai’s camp recently stated that they are unaware of reports that the Shanghai authorities have decided to ban the singer from performing her song, “Play” at an event she is set to perform on 3 September.

As reported on CNA, previously, tabloids published a notice supposedly from the Shanghai Censorship Board on 10 August, which stated that “Play” has been banned from Jolin’s upcoming performance due to its inappropriate lyrics. It is also noted that the notice came with no official seal, making the notice itself questionable.

When asked about it recently, Jolin’s manager Tom Wang said that they knew nothing about the notice, and that Jolin is not even performing that particular song for her upcoming appearance.

Tom also said that they haven’t had any issues performing the song before.

“In fact, Jolin has performed this song in many cities before. Usually the organiser is the one to coordinate with local authority about this matter. But since we’ve not arranged to perform that song anyway, there is no issue about a ban,” he said.

Prior to the supposed ban, Jolin had recently performed “Play” at the 2017 Global Chinese Music Festival, and at a show in Chengdu last week.

The song, which was released in 2014 and went on to win the singer various awards, is a satire on the hipster trend, the obsession with looks and beauty, and other things related to the modern era.