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Chinese heartthrob Hu Ge has recently made his first public appearance since announcing his two-year break from acting.

As reported on Sohu, the actor, who took off to the United States early this year to study film-making, recently arrived in Shanghai for an event as part of his spokesman’s duty for a yogurt brand, where he shared what he has been doing for the past few months abroad.

Hu admitted that while he doesn’t do a lot of housework, his ability to cook has largely progressed since living in America.

“Since salad seems to be the basic dish in America, I am now good at making it. I have also gained the expertise in cooking all style of eggs,” he said, lightheartedly.

On the other hand, when the topic of his past projects were brought up, Hu Ge shared that the most memorable character he has played out of all the dramas and movies he made was Li Xiaoyao (“Chinese Paladin”).

“I think both he and I have similar personalities. It is also the role that shot me to stardom and brought me to a bigger stage,” he said.

His second choice would be Mei Changsu, his character in the hit drama, “Nirvana in Fire”.

“The character also has a lot of similarities with me, and I also learned a lot from playing the role,” he added.

Hu will return to the United States after the event, and will be making his return to the limelight in two years’ time.

(Photo Source: epochtimes.com)