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Martial arts star Donnie Yen recently denied reports of a falling-out with Chinese actor Wu Jing, who is currently enjoying the success of his directorial effort, “Wolf War 2”.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who allegedly looked down upon Wu while they both filmed “SPL” in the past,  admitted that he is prepared to face questions about the rumours, and that he is almost used to rumours pitting him against other actors.

“For the past few years, every time there is a new action star or movie, I will get dragged into it. Wu Jing has already clarified this issue and I have talked to him about it. We’re okay,” he said.

Donnie stated that while they were not close while filming “SPL”, he did fight for Wu to have more scenes in the movie.

As for his real thoughts on his fellow martial arts actor, Donnie said, “His performance is something to be proud of. I admire his potential. He is a hard-working filmmaker. This is something that everyone should be happy about.”

When asked if he plans to make a movie that could surpass Wu’s RMB5.3 billion record, Donnie said that he is not one to compete with other people.

“I never think that way. I only strive to surpass myself,” he added.