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Cyndi Wang’s camp has recently denied reports that the singer has left Taiwan to hide, following the leak of her private photo.

As reported on Sina, the rumours sparked recently after Cyndi was spotted in Bangkok, Thailand, a few days after the issue of her leaked photo made headlines.

It was also alleged that the singer was trying to avoid the media following ex-boyfriend Yao Yuan-hao’s recent online apology for the trouble he caused Cyndi for a private photo that he had taken back when they were still dating.

On 27 July, the actor posted an apology online, saying that the photo was not taken with malice and that it was a sweet memory between the two of them.

Netizens who read the post, however, interpreted his words to be Yao hinting that Cyndi was a willing participant in his decision to take the photo in the past, unlike what her management said when they stated that Yao took the photo without her consent.

When asked about her Bangkok trip, her management company stated that the trip was scheduled much earlier, and that it was arranged so that Cyndi can refresh after completing her last show in Nanjing.

However, the company is keeping mum as to when the singer will be returning to Taiwan.

(Photo Source: JPOAsia.com)