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Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung has denied reports saying that she was expressing disdain towards ex-husband Nicholas Tse’s girlfriend Faye Wong when she mentioned that she will start working again after 8 August.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress recently went live online to interact with fans where she talked about son Lucas’ birthday party, and her upcoming projects.
However, some notices that Cecilia mentioned the fact that she will begin working after 8 August five times, and since 8 August is also Faye’s birthday, rumours sparked that she was being spiteful towards the songstress.

The actress quickly responded via social media that her life doesn’t revolve around them, before releasing another statement via her studio.

According to the statement, Cecilia does not regard Faye as a love rival, and that she bears no grudge towards both of them. It added that she also has given them her blessings from the very start.

It is also explained that the only reason that Cecilia decided to start working after 8 August was because the aforementioned date is also when sons Lucas and Quintus will return to school.

Finally, her studio threatened to take legal action against anybody who is spreading such malicious rumours.

Previously, it was husband Nic who was criticised by Netizens, when he supposedly failed to attend his son’s birthday party, choosing instead to go on a holiday with Faye. However, it was later clarified that both the party and his trip happened at different times.

(Photo Source: Cecilia Cheung Facebook)