Malaysian actress-singer Ayda Jebat will be flying to Australia this October to shoot her very own travel reality show.

The actress who is now the new face of the online streaming platform, tonton, told Cinema Online about her latest upcoming project at the launch of tonton in Brunei.

The actress-singer is now the new ambassador of tonton.

According to the actress, the show is kind of like the British “fly on the wall” documentary television series, “The House”, and she can bring whoever she wants for the trip.
Some of the people she intends to bring include her close friends, family members and dancers.
In the meantime, Ayda finally confirmed her relationship with beau Redza Rosli who is also the new ambassador of tonton.
After much rumours and speculations, the couple is finally official.
However, the 25-year-old actress said that she won’t be bringing Redza on the trip to Australia as she wants to avoid negativity from fans.
Produced by Astro, the upcoming reality programme is yet to have a title but the actress said that, “It’ll most probably feature my name, something like “Travel with Ayda and Friends”.
Currently, Ayda is shooting a drama series titled “Dekatkan Jarak Kita”, produced by JS Pictures.
Original article from Cinema Online