Actress Anita Yuen has recently clarified a post that she wrote on social media, which came with a series of photos of her and action star Jackie Chan.

As reported on On CC, on 18 August, the actress shared the said photo on Weibo, and wrote, “The media has always portrayed me as the actress who angered Jackie Chan. Thanks to Mr. Eric Tsang’s arrangements, I am finally informed of the truth last night.

“Thank you [Jackie Chan] for your forgiveness. He even gave me a present. Thank you! I will continue to be a good actor!,” she added.

When asked about it recently, Anita shared that she asked Eric to invite her to a dinner that was held for artists to talk about their issues. Although Eric originally only invited her husband, Julian Cheung, Anita asked if she could come too after hearing that Jackie would be there as well.

According to previous reports by the media, Jackie once mentioned in an interview that he was upset at a female star’s work attitude in the past, after she could not be contacted for a post-production work. Although the actor never mentioned any names, many speculated that he was talking about Anita, of whom he worked with in the 1995 movie, “Thunderbolt” but never worked again together since then.

Anita shared that she asked to meet Jackie so she could apologise to him for her past behaviour.

“I was a new actress who had just debuted [at the time]. I didn’t know a lot of things and may have upset a lot of people without realising it,” she said.

However, the actress stated that Jackie didn’t remember the incident until she reminded him about it, and even gave her some of the film reels from “Thunderbolt” as a gift.

(Photo Source: Anita Yuen Weibo)