New TAG Heuer Brand Ambassador Angelababy 11

No matter how busy she is with career and motherhood, Angelababy would never forget to fight for the survival of pangolins as part of her responsibility as WildAid ambassador.

As reported on Epoch Times, on 25 August, the actress reposted a viral video of a Chinese man cruelly slaughtering a pangolin, and posted, “How cruel! With each one of them killed, they are one step nearer to extinction. Please do not consume any products made from pangolin. Give them a little chance of survival.”

The actress also urged the public to actively promote the protection of wild animals, and not to let such killing happen again.

According to Chinese media, Angelababy has been involved in raising awareness about pangolins as endangered species since May last year, saying that the animal is necessary in eliminating termites, which in turn protects the forests and maintains ecological balance.

“We must rethink our choices and be a protector of pangolins, instead of their natural enemy. Stop the killing of wildlife, protect biodiversity and ourselves,” she said.

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