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Hong Kong actress Alice Chan recently made a surprising confession – that she and husband, James Yen have been divorced for the last five years.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who is now filming new drama, “Apple-colada”, spoke to the media at TVB City recently about the rumours of her divorce, saying that the two of them are no longer together but maintain a good relationship with each other.

“It was hard to get along and we rarely got to see each other. We were also living separately. He was the one who proposed the divorce five years ago. But we still maintain a good relationship. We’re not just friends. We’re like a family that cares deeply about one other,” she said.

She also denied any third party involvement in their previous marriage.

When asked if she is affected by the reports, Alice said that the divorce happened a while ago and that she has already moved on with her life.

Asked if she is opening up about her divorce in order to welcome possible suitors, Alice responded, “There is no suitors. If that was the case, I would have announced my divorce a long time ago. I have always been private about my personal life.”

As to whether there is a chance for her and James to reconcile, she said that no one will know what the future brings.

Alice married Taiwanese businessman James Yen in 2008 and retired from acting. However, she made her comeback in 2012 and signed with TVB.

(Photo Source: hk.on.cc)