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While most stars would invest their money into food and fashion, film actress Yuri Chan gets her money flowing into a mermaid academy – or to be more exact, a swimming academy that teaches you to dive and swim like a mermaid.

As reported on Mingpao, Yuri, who – along her mermaid fin – appeared at the promotional event held by the Hong Kong Mermaid Star Academy recently, shared that she invested a six-figure sum to the academy because of her interest in its courses.

She stated that learning how to swim like a mermaid is a kind of exercise that has also helped her achieve the perfect body.

“I am short, and my height makes my waist look thick. I wouldn’t even dare to wear bathing suits sometimes. But after practicing the mermaid dive, I was able to achieve the perfect shape. Both men and women can try it too,” she said.

The actress also revealed that she hopes to expand the business further.

According to the academy’s Facebook page, people who enrolled in the classes will learn how to “become comfortable under the water, whilst wearing a professional merfin”. They will also teach how to “pose, move and swim with your eyes open and generally to remain looking good despite everything else”.

At the same time, the company also emphasises on ocean conservation especially dolphin rescue, and provide services include Mermaid lecture, Mermaid party, Mermaid studio and free-diving online shop.

(Photo Source: Yuri Chan Facebook)