Malaysian singer Yuna has been featured in the July/August edition of esteemed magazine Vogue Arabia.

The singer shared the news yesterday on her Instagram with the caption, “I’m over the moon! I’m in the July/August issue of Vogue Arabia, with Jourdan Dunn on the cover, and lil ol’ me on the inside”.

Yuna is seen decorating the opening page for the magazine’s Lens section, with the headline “Hijabi Crush”.

The article describes Yuna’s struggle as a Muslim woman to represent women and diversity on the global scene.

A few minutes after she posted the photo which now have over 20 thousand likes, the 30-year-old singer finds the need to re-highlight that she is not on the cover of Vogue Arabia, but only cover of one of the sections.

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“I think I need to reiterate that this is NOT THE COVER of Vogue Arabia, it IS however the cover of the Lens (عدسة) section in the magazine! Before everybody gets too excited and gets the wrong idea and reports the wrong info,” she added.

Yuna however did joked that she would love to “do the actual COVER cover next time”.

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Wearing an elegant dark grey dress ensemble by Hatta Dolmat, the photos were taken back in April by Japan-born, California-based photographer, Aja Hitomi.