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Despite his unceasing popularity, Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo stated that he has no plans to have his own social media accounts at all.

According to Epoch Times, the actor who sat down for a magazine interview recently, shared that he is still neither on Facebook nor Instagram, Weibo or any other social network.

“I just do not like to share my private affair with the public. It’s fine for me to know my own ups and downs and struggles in life. No need to talk to others about it,” he said.

His social media opinion seemed to differ from wife, Ruby Lin, who would share her personal trips and activities, as well as filming projects on her Weibo account.

When asked to choose an animal that best describes him, Wallace likens himself to a cat.

“Cat lives in their own world. They don’t disturb other people, and they don’t like it when others disturb them,” he said.

However, the actor admitted that his life has slightly changed since the birth of his daughter Angel.

But don’t expect him to show off photos of his baby girl on his phone anytime soon, as Wallace admitted, “I am not the kind of person who likes to use the phone.”

(Photo Source: epochtimes.com)