Singer-actress Victoria Song admitted that she is thankful for having Huang Xiaoming as her co-star in the drama, “A Life Time Love”.

As reported on Tencent, the f(x) member, who sat down for an interview recently, shared that the movie star helped her a lot in making her feel comfortable on set. Victoria admitted that she used to think too much that she wouldn’t be able to get into character.

She said, “It was my first collaboration with him, so I was very nervous. But then when we were filming a scene, he told me, “Don’t be too nervous. Don’t think too much”. He will tell me to calm down and immerse myself in the character. From that, we were able to adapt ourselves much quicker soon after.”

When asked if she was nervous because of Huang’s star power, Victoria said that it was the combination of the pressure of working together for the first time and the challenging nature of her role.

In a previous interview, Huang shared that he would often treat Victoria to durian during breaktime in order to make the actress more comfortable around him.

Meanwhile, when asked what kind of role she would like to play in the future, Victoria stated that she is interested in dramas about palace schemes and harem politics in the likes of “The Legend of Zhen Huan”.