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A certain Malaysian news anchor from Radio Television of Malaysia (RTM) has recently gained instant fame for resembling singing queen Dato Siti Nurhaliza.

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Thanks to Facebook user Aflan Syafiq, photos of the news anchor, Normazalina Mohd Nor has been circling around the social media with many agreeing that she indeed look like the famous singer.

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Normazalina was shocked to find out that she has suddenly become the centre of attention on social media, receiving comments and reactions from netizens, about her resemblance with Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza.


The news anchor told mStar that she doesn’t think that they look alike; it’s just that the makeup application on that night makes her look like Siti Nurhaliza.


Indeed, if you look closely at both of them, you can tell the difference, but there are similar features, which is why at a first glance, it is easy to mistaken both of them.


“Even though she frequently came to RTM, until now I’ve never gotten the opportunity to meet Dato’ Siti. I’ve always wanted to meet her in person,” said Normazalina.

Normazalina started her career as a broadcasting journalist in 2009 and was given a chance to read the news in 2010.

However, she has changed job and is now reading news on TV1 on the weekends.