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It was reported that a Chinese production is planning to do a remake/sequel of the hit 2004 drama, “The Prince Who Turns into a Frog”.

As reported on EBC, the news came following rumours that Taiwanese producer Angie Chai is planning to do a remake of her hit 1999 idol drama, “Meteor Garden”.

A survey held by a mainland production company recently showed that viewers are more interested to watch a remake of the 2004 drama, and that many hoped to see the collaboration between Joe Chen and Ming Dao again.

“The Prince Who Turns into a Frog” set a record when it remained the highest rated television drama for four years, only to be broken by the 2008 drama, “Fated to Love You”.

It is the story of a young arrogant CEO who becomes a different man after losing his memory following an accident, and his romance with a young schemer who takes him in after mistakenly thinking that she has hit him with her car.

Neither Joe nor Ming has given any response about the supposed remake.