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To promote their latest film director Edgar Wright (“Shaun of the Dead”) and the two main cast Ansel Elgort (“The Fault in Our Stars”) and Lily James (“Cinderella”) graced the grand pink carpet event at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur yesterday, in conjunction with the premiere of “Baby Driver” in Malaysia.

The Hollywood stars greeted hundreds of their Malaysian fans as well as those who came all the way from the region like Indonesia, Philippines and China.

The centre court of the shopping mall was packed with people, and Cinema Online was there to capture all the crazy but memorable moments. Check out the photos from the frenzy!

IMG 8850
It’s a pink carpet!

IMG 8852
The event took place at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s Centre Court.

IMG 8866
Some fans had waited since 4.00pm.

IMG 8877
Look at the fans, waiting
impatiently for the stars to arrive.

IMG 8896
Main star Ansel Elgort walked in and immediately took some selfies with his adoring fans.

IMG 8906
Ansel cheekily smiles and waves at his fans. 

IMG 8909
More selfie sessions with Ansel.

IMG 8923
Lily finally arrives as
well, and she too indulges the fans with some photos.

IMG 8926
The fans really don’t want
to let her go!

IMG 8928
Lily wore an elegant
shoulder-tie black dress.

IMG 8933
The actress walks down the
pink carpet as fans continue to take her photos.

IMG 8935
Director Edgar Wright was
also stopped by fans while going down the carpet.

IMG 8938
Some fans handed the
director DVD covers of his movies for him to sign.

IMG 8948
The director seems
overwhelmed for a moment due to all the non-stop screaming!

IMG 8957
Ansel takes questions from
the reporters.

IMG 8963
The 23-year-old actor takes
questions from one of the Malaysian media.

IMG 8967
The director too stops by
the media station.

IMG 8973
Fans are still waiting for
the stars to come over to them.

IMG 8974
More question for the

IMG 8980
Selfie time with the
reporters as well!

IMG 8981
More selfies with Edgar.

IMG 8983
Ansel got on stage and told
his fans that he loves Malaysia!

IMG 8995
The stars went on stage to
express their gratitude.

IMG 8998 1

Happy smiles on stage!