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Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang recently addressed allegations saying that she was acting like a diva on the set of her new drama, “My Boyfriend Isn’t Human”, co-starring Blue Lan.

According to ET Today, previously it was reported that the production of the drama has been temporarily stopped because of Rainie, who was unhappy with the script and demanded a lot of changes.

The singer, who heard the rumours about her, had since clarified the issue on Facebook, and joked that she must have offended someone to be accused of being such a villain.

She continued, “Isn’t it amazing that although a drama has a lot of people working on it day in day out, it is still the actors’ fault when something happened? I am not that great to be able to shut down the whole production. I believe that Blue would feel bad reading the reports too.. (isn’t that right, Blue?)”

Rainie explained that the temporary halt was decided by the producer, who wanted to revise the script and make it better. The studio also asked the two leading stars – Rainie and Blue – as well as the director to sit down and discuss it as well.

The singer stressed that there is no reason for her to stop the production when she has rejected a few offers to work in the drama.

(Photo source: facebook.com/0604rainie)