Ruco Chan recently found himself facing an obsessed fan who caused a scene at an event that he attended.

Mingpao reported that a male fan of the actor recently made a special trip from Tuen Mun to Diamond Hill to catch the actor, who appeared on location to attend a charity auction event.

The actor was on stage with actresses Kristal Tin and Idy Chan when the fan suddenly decided to get on stage and hold a victory sign next to the actor. He then refused to leave the stage when asked by the MC, and only agreed to cooperate after much coaxing.

Speaking to the media after the stage event, Ruco revealed that the said man came to see him when he went to the men’s room prior to the event.

“Fortunately, my manager was also present. We were several urinals away, and he told me that he came all the way from Tuen Mun to see me. If only all the people in Hong Kong have a heart like this,” he said.

When asked if he is not embarrassed that the fan approached him while he was using the urinal, Ruco said that he was slightly embarrassed, but that there was no other choice since there were no toilet cubicles.

“But as I listened, I realised that he is very supportive of my activities and my work, so I am very touched,” said the actor.

Asked if he’s not worried about crazy fans, Ruco said that he knows how to protect himself and is confident with the security of the place.

(Photo source: stheadline.com)