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Hong Kong singer Kayee Tam seemed to still be affected by her recent encounter with a harasser.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who appeared in front of the media after she was inappropriately touched by a man (reportedly of South Asian descent) at a performance in Mongkok, said that the police are currently investigating the incident.

“We will let them deal with it, so I will not talk about it in detail. Thank you for your concern,” she said.

When asked how she is feeling, Kayee said that she is a little unhappy but also feeling calm about it.

Kayee also admitted that this is not the first time she experienced such indecent act, saying that she was previously harassed during her high school years. However, she admitted to have not remembered the details anymore.

As to whether she will set foot in Mongkok again, Kayee responded that she will not let the incident deter her.

The incident happened earlier this week when Kayee joined a busking event at a pedestrian zone in Mongkok.

The singer shared that she was at the end of an interview when she feels someone touched and felt her hips. She immediately turned around and saw a man standing behind her.

Kayee immediately told one of the staff with her about it. However when approached, the said man denied that it was his doing and sparked a dispute in public. The singer said that she would forgive him if he is willing to apologise – only to anger the man further.

The police are currently taking information from witnesses at the scene for further investigation.

(Photo source: instagram.com/kayeepo)