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After taking a break for more than a year, Jinny Ng revealed that she has decided that it is time to return to showbiz.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who appeared at a mall event in Tseung Kwan O recently, admitted that she is a bit nervous about making her return, especially since it has been a while since she appeared in front of an audience.

When asked if she already has songs to record, Jinny said that the boss, Voice Entertainment CEO Herman Ho, has already made arrangements for her.

The singer assured that the company has been very accommodating to her since day one of her pregnancy.

Besides recording a new song, Jinny said she is also working hard to lose weight, and proudly shared that she has lost more than 20 pounds since giving birth to her daughter.

Jinny also previously stated that she has made arrangements with boyfriend Alex Ho, that daughter Giselle will be living with his family in Macau for the time being while she focuses on making her comeback.

(Photo source: facebook.com/吳若希-Jinny-Ng)